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The Difference Between Paintless Dent Repair and Traditional Dent Repair
When your car has been dented, you have two possible solutions: paintless dent repair or traditional auto body panel replacement and repair. Knowing the difference between the two can help you determine the best choice for your car.
Here at Orange County Paintless Dent Removal, we have over 20 years of experience removing all sorts of car dents without ever needing to paint. We use proven methods that save you money, often up to 75 percent over the cost of traditional dent-removal methods. There are some cases where your only option is bodywork and repainting, so we've put together this guide so you can know when to choose our method over traditional dent repair.
Many of our customers are surprised at just how many dents we can get out without repainting. Discover how we've become an Orange Country leader in paintless dent repair. We offer mobile service to make it even easier for you and provide huge savings over the cost of traditional body repair, so before you decide to call the auto body shop, contact us or give us a call and let us show you just how effective paintless dent removal can be! We can restore the value and appeal of your vehicle and help you forget all about your unsightly dents.
Depending on the depth of your dent, there may be underlying damage. If your bumper, door, fender, hood, trunk or roof dents are severe, your vehicle may require traditional body repair to return your vehicle to a safe condition. Many smaller dents are often simply in the sheet metal and aluminum, which means our paintless dent removal can return your car to a like-new condition without touching the paint.
One of the key things to look for when your car is dented and you are trying to decide how to have it repaired is the condition of your paint. If your paint is cracked, flaking or missing, you will generally require repainting. Small cracks on metal bumpers and body panels are often difficult to see once we’ve repaired your panels, making paintless dent repair an option for metal or aluminum panels.
If your paint has been blistered or the metal underneath cracked and exposed, your vehicle will start to rust after the repairs if it isn’t repainted. Before choosing costly and time-consuming traditional repairs, we can inspect your vehicle and determine if there is a corrosion concern or not. If the rust-resistant paint layers are not broken, we can take care of your dent removal and ensure that your vehicle stays corrosion-free in the repair zone.
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